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Beware of luddites

This is a nice tip for newcomers to the Linux world, beware of luddites and excessive passionate fanboys. Sadly the Linux community is the only one that offers it's users enough niche markets to build different identities, and when somebody feels like this niche might no longer exist to accomodate their self perceived personality he starts getting angry.

Latest years have been a very bumpy road for Linux, with new technologies emerging and people feeling attacked by these technologies. I'm talking about KDE4, Gnome 3 and now SystemD, what experience has taught me is that whenever this pointless wars emerge we better keep off of it. Also it's important to keep our egos uninvolved, since most of the time We Do Things The Right Way ™ and everyone else is wrong as usual.

But in all seriousness, we should have a realistic vision of our capabilities and those of others, I'm not talking about just nodding in approval, but being honest with ourselves. I'm a simple web developer, which excludes me from many many of these grounds, I still can make suggestions, but I really should question myself if I'm debating someone that has years of experience working in OS Design.

Another thing learned, is that experience is valuable, it's really valuable. It gives you the perspective of being really involved with the progress of a development project and involvement with the state-of-the-art methods and techniques; and that's something to respect in fellow developers.

In the end progress will inevitably come, and we better get used to it or get knocked off the road.


picture by Martha Soukup CC-Attribution License


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