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Introducing ShareMyFiles(Eos Sharer)

Let me introduce you our pet project here at EosWeb, it's codename is  sharemyfiles ( but probably it's going to be changed to a proper name somewhere in the future). The main idea is to have a personal file sharer that it's easy to use, requires no configuration and it's powerful. So far the development of sharemyfiles has been really interesting and rewarding, as a side project I've been able to have a more realistic approach at developing Go applications.

Right now it's mostly a prototype not really recommended for any serious usage, but we're gradually incorporating new features, such as Zip archive download last week, and probably we will make it way more secure on the coming months and add better usability.

That's cute, but show me the code

The code is hosted at github, you can feel free to download it, tinker, destroy, recompose, print the code and then use it as a fuel for your BBQ if you don't like it. But if you are interested in contributing, we will be happy to have your help.


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