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New layout and backend

I remade the layout and backend of my blog, now it is made in the Beego framework,
I must admit that getting used to it it has been a bumpy road for me, mainly because it's a total new way of web programming for me.
As you can see most there are missing features from the previous blog, mainly comment support and photo uploading, but I plan to add
support for those in the coming months ( probably better implemented than on the previous blog anyways).

As always the code can be downloaded at Github, if you want to learn how to make a Beego website it might prove useful since it's a simple project
anyway be warned that this was made in a hurry in my spare time so it CAN and WILL be improved on the coming months, mainly separation of controllers
( the admin controller is a mess), added validation, loading  of configuration values and more.

Well, it's nice to have something new to play with. I hope you like it.


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