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On pomodoro, SSD and something something gnome

I'm starting to apply the Pomodoro Technique , thanks to this handy Gnome extension at least until I get one of those fancy real pomodoros (which I find really cool). Note that the author no longer support the extension at, but you have to download it from github neverteless the extension still works and it's what I'm using until I can actually spend some time getting the extension from github.


I also got a SSD and installed my fedora desktop ( can't wait for Workstation 21, looks really promising) and boy, everything is so fast.


I've been switching back and forth from Gnome, cinnamon and Mate, and I ended up with a combo I really like. I can't now live without the exposé-like effect and edge snapping ( latest currently offered by all of these desktops). But I still don't really like the new nautilus, I mean, the headerbar thing is good looking but not being able to see the free space on my disks in the statusbar annoys the hell out of me. So in the meantime I've replaced it with Nemo, the Cinnamon file manager which looks a little uglier, but it gets the work done and has a TON of additional features.

I was wondering if it wouldn't be cool to offer Nemo as a replacement for Nautilus, like an "advanced" alternative for power users, I'm sure that it will never happen given the current direction and interest of the Gnome project but one can always dream.


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