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How composer made me love PHP again

I've been working with php for almost 8 years now (geez, I feel old) and kinda getting bored of it, for most of these years the php work has been a mix of tedious bug fixing, and lousy software design limiting experience. When this happens in your career there is one clear message: "You are getting rusty and must get out of your comfort-zone". So last year I've been learning new stuff both inside and outside the PHP world. One of the jewels and must have for ANY PHP project nowadays is Composer.

Composer is basically like bundle, but for PHP. It allows to manage dependencies on your project, autoload classes and more. I think a tutorial here would be redundant since the main site is well documented so I just wanted to drop this recomendation for future potential readers and PHP learners.

Composer takes php development to a new level, allowing us to manage our project more efficiently and keeping more sanity in what in other time was a huge waste of time and boilerplate code to setup your favourite framework and use your preferred libraries.


Post picture " 4.IX Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai" by MITO SettembreMusica under license CC-by 2.0


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