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Quick update

So, I'll do a quick update. I've got a new laptop, which is neat. Specially because my previous one was really bad (Pentium M chips really suck). I've got a Lenovo b50-70 with an core i5 processor and 4gb of RAM, despite having some issues with the realtek card ( which i solved compiling the lwfinger rtl wifi driver ) everything works really good. I also installed the tlp package to optimize my (Fedora 20) system. I'm happy because this lappy is really quiet, lightweight and it doesn't overheat. It's also really fast despite not having a SSD (yet).

Just as I post I used AirDroid because I was too lazy to actually get the damn cable ( just came back from the gym on a hot day) it seems like a cool app. It also makes me feel like someone is watching my phone... oh well, I guess those are the perks of living connected nowadays.

Yesterday I watched Social Network, and despite several of my friends telling me it sucked I found it that it's a really great movie. In fact I understand that it's not appealing to non-programmers, but if you are into web development YOU SHOULD check it out!

Now I'm watching JOBS, it's the week of the biographical movies with actors that don't look at all like the guy.



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